The Best Ways to
Sell a Business

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Business Appraisal       


Quantitative Data Checklist


Qualitative Data Checklist

Recast Financials



Probable Listing Price



Opinion of Value from Business Appraiser    


Market Your Business

Market Your Business package

Blog post on website

Business listed on all major business for sale sites


Premium promotions    

 3x Leads


5X Leads

Buyer blast emails    




Monthly social media promotions


Confidential Business Review    

10-12 pgs.


30-50 pgs.

Custom landing page for your business



Custom podcast & vidcast hosted on website    

Custom Vine clip Twitter followers    

 $250 buyer referral bonus    

Qualify Buyers

Initial buyer inquiries handled by

Buyers must sign NDA to receive identifying business information


Buyers must fill out buyer profile

Qualified buyers introduced to Sellers

Initial buyer interviews conducted by  

Second Tier NDA required of buyers after initial interviews  


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